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The Cedarhouse

   The 2,000 square foot Cedarhouse provides a perfect place to host events. It is located near the road and has it's own parking area. Most guests use the Cedarhouse for showers because of the space it provides. The Cedarhouse is also used as the Groomsmen Facility on wedding days. It is equipped with a bathroom, storage room, and private dressing room. There are 3 tables with chairs set up for seating, however, Red Barn Weddings & Events will have extra tables and chairs as needed for showers or other parties.

When you walk in The Cedarhouse, you will immediately know why we named it "The Cedarhouse". The aroma of cedar fills the air and the atmosphere is like a cabin in the woods, especially with all the wildlife that surrounds you. The walls and doors are all made with natural wood and trimmed out with red cedar. There is an oversized chair with ottoman and chase the can be used for additional seating and there is also a TV that you can use as needed for slideshows, pictures, videos, etc.

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